Mirages examine digital and physical tactility. They are blurry sunsets and atmosphere tones. They are given a form and shape. Shape comes from repetitive camera stills that allows documenting this optical phenomenon.

What the image appears to represent, however, is determined by the interpretive faculties of the human mind. For example, inferior images on land are very easily mistaken for the reflections from a small body of water.


Mirage I, mixed media, 69 x 69 cm

The presented works examine digital and physical tactility (materiality and material simulations) by elaborating on differences between creating 3D images and creating physical textile objects

Mirage II, mixed media, 69 x 69 cm

In 2023 objects were materialized based on compositions created in Blender in 2021 during the lockdown and exhibited at the virtual reality exhibition titled Fata Morgana.

In 2024 they are exhibited at Art Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Mirage III, mixed media, 69 x 69 cm

Mirage IV, mixed media, 69 x 69 cm