We could envision a world

Where our subconsciousness need to connect

Dust dissolves intimate layers

Sounds ripple and cruise slowly in the mind of the listener

In order to extract the hidden musical information

Of the two dimensional stage.

Longing for an expression

In the shape of immaterial molecular bond

The duration, flowing through body, increases

The landscape and materials of the transparent objects

Become difficult to predict, forms we cannot sense

In the man-made liquid solid container

With deep blue ink inside

There exist short lived occasional dots and lines, alive

With the help of the lense, visible

Cynical reactions not understandable for the middle-aged eye

I found that essence rare from a natural curiosity

And if i looped them in my head and create an endless repetition

Every irritation of it uses a different aspect of the reflection

The thought itself is not re-re-peating

A perfectly exactly same words

The process is coming out in a honest economy of non-duplication

Of ephemerality

The metabolic nature of the process is eating itself and performs on the public

The intimate relation to the quality of the curious minds