The sun sets at 10;02 pm today and those who are spending time in the workplace are already gone.

One last face walking around with the keychain clipped to the uniform.

With the access to every door and head settled down in the dimensions of the whole building.

That interior warmth is set to 21 degrees and it seems like thousands of people passed by the mirrored corridor.

Smell of sweat extends at this season of the year, time of the day, day of the week.

Nevertheless the level of shadows at the presentation room determines the monetary need for reading a book.

Throughout the whole year I went to a library around 200 times. I rented around 50 books. I read around 25 of them.

Someone once told me that the biggest amount of words starts with the letter “P”.

Pachouli, Pacifistically, Pamphlets.

And majority of the time I was waiting. Waiting for the ideas to clear out in my head. Staring at the pages with letters and images.

I’m going to stand for the idea that waiting, both active and passive, is a crucial element of the process.