Leaf Mimicry

The organisms resemblance of another organisms evolves into a set of predator-prey relationship. The deconstruction of this relationship is like deconstructing a colour and its shape if it could posses one. With the base of Jacques Derrida’s concept one idea could have two sides with different interpretations (if not more). Inspired by orchid mantis that imitate orchid flowers - the name mantodea is formed from the Ancient Greek words (mantis) meaning "prophet", and (eidos) meaning "form" or "type". With three-colour compositions create a triptych of deconstructed mimicking form.

oil on canvas, 100 x 120, 2020

oil on canvas, 100x 120, 2020

 oil on canvas,  130x 120, 2020

Photography Marysia Swietlicka