Honey Land

Would the honey medicine cure the digital wound? So its pace to be healing serve the landscape of abundance
There is a quantity of colour yet still inevitable loss of information
They don’t grow after it rains,
They don’t blossom when the sun is set.
Perhaps, it's conceivable that data loss is linked to other losses that have a similar cause.
The lost electromagnetic waves, passing by when visible wavelengths reach the eyes or camera sensor;
When I stare in one direction – but not another, I lose certain knowledge.
In a single rectangular section of a landscape, these digital images – these approximated shapes – contain instantaneous information about form, light, and colour.
Digestion of the experiences is not uncommon for the recognisable insects.
Generated and uv-mapped on the web
Fearlessly and bewilderingly attached to the surrounding of the inedible goods
As gleaming as the honeymoon date discovered on the internet.
Among the grass, the land's population peers out.
Either as a fungal net or a tail like that of a reptile.
Andrena Bradleyi most common small native bee
As a group result in the seed set higher than honey bees.
The impact of hive density and location places big role in the overall pollination success.
A blueberry bloom may produce up to fifty seeds, and the weight of the berries grows as the number of seeds increases.
Advanced capitalism and the reduction of all living things to their usefulness or market worth within an anthropocentric hierarchy, overlook environmental and planetary consequences
In order to fuel its own structure
Ethical interrelationships vanish as much as the landscape is present till..

3d renders, Blender, 2021